Crossfield Craft, Faversham

‘Crossfield Craft’ Was born through necessity!

It all started with models that we tried to buy for a ‘Z Gauge (1/220 scale) Model Railway’

No matter where we looked we could not find the quality that Derek was looking for! Everything that we found was somewhere near and not true gauge size! Spending all his working life in precision engineering, ‘Near was not good enough!’ Derek decided to make his own, buying a laser engraving machine with which he could make true scale architectural models. After making several different models. Never being totally satisfied with his work!

Question? how can we improve on and make these look better! This being the start of what has now developed into ‘Crossfield Craft’.

Learning how to cut out and photo engrave on different types of material, Question? what is the next progression!

Painting the models on the scale that I work with may be a little difficult. So, after some lengthy research the next natural progression would be to print the models to give them depth and colour. The problem is trying to put model card of the thickness that is used (0.9mm to 2.0mm) through a normal printer, take it from me the printer didn’t like it! Gluing printed paper on the card does not give the quality that we are looking for! Back to the drawing board!

After more research, we eventually found a method of printing that gave us the quality that we were looking for.

When our friend from Germany, who originally bought Derek the model railway, saw our models, he knew someone who would like to buy some. So, you could say we have sold our products in Germany and they stand up to German quality and scrutiny.

Now that we have the printer this has opened a whole new world to the services that we can offer.

Printing on just about anything that will not go through a normal printer, This type of printer can print on various materials up to 100mm (4”) thick. Such as paper 300gsm+, canvas board, stretched canvas, and many others, see our list materials for applications.

Unfortunately, due to illness, we had to put things on hold for about 2 years, now being fit and well, we are now doing a lot of research and development to get our services fine-tuned to achieve the quality we require ready for sale.

So, if you are looking for that unique gift for the special person, special event, Christmas, a special birthday or wedding anniversary or just a gift. We can offer that special picture, printed on the material you choose.

Our format is that you send us a digital photo (j-peg), cropped and sized ready to be printed on the material of choice.

All Images are unique and individual to you, printed to your own specification on the material of your choice from our stock.


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Made in Britain

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  • 1Digital printing
  • 2Architectural modelling
  • 3Laser engraving
  • 4Wood engraving
  • 5Ceramic engraving
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    Crossfield Craft

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