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E-mail Marketing

Reaching customers is one of the most difficult tasks in business. As we all know, we are tired of receiving cold calls and generic marketing e-mails on a daily basis, so it takes something a little different to get through.

If you operate a business where you do not need to meet your customers or be located near them, then well thought out e-mail marketing can be an excellent and cost effective way of generating more income.

We know how beneficial e-mail marketing is because that's how we have found most of our customers. We've learnt a lot from our own experience and think that others can benefit from this too.

How many customers would need to make a purchase from you for you to recover your costs?

Timing is Crucial
You will know from the marketing e-mails that you receive that there are good messages and bad. Good messages arrive at an appropriate time of day. Nobody reads marketing e-mails first thing in the morning. We all delete these immediately and go straight to the important messages. If you want to get customers interested, the e-mail needs to be received at a time of the day when it's not going to go straight in the 'Deleted' folder.

Well written
Spelling and grammar are important. According to a BBC News report (, millions are lost in online sales each year due to spelling mistakes online.

We take your marketing e-mail and check it for errors. We also have a professional writer re-write the message so that it is more likely to produce a sale. We send the message back to you for your final approval.

Slow and steady
We send the message to our list of over 70,000 UK businesses. Rather than sending the message to everyone in one go, we spread it out over a few weeks so that you are not bombarded with enquiries.

Fully managed
All responses to your message are sent to a special e-mail address that we set-up for you. We do this so that we can forward only genuine enquiries to you. We take care of all of the 'out of office' messages so that you can focus on the important ones.

How it works
To make things really simple, we take on all of the heavy lifting for you. To get started, we will ask you to send us a marketing e-mail. This is so that we can get a better idea of your approach and the specific message that you would like to get across to customers.

  1. We take your e-mail and have a professional writer look at it, to ensure that the basics are covered such as spelling and grammar. She also re-writes the message, if necessary, to ensure that it works from a marketing perspective.

  2. The amended text is sent back to you for you to check over.

  3. Once you have approved the text, we then begin sending the e-mail. We only send the e-mail at certain times of the day. For example, we will not send it before 9a.m. on a Monday - just think how many e-mails you delete each morning as soon as you start working. Nobody reads marketing e-mails at 9a.m. on a Monday!

The e-mails will be sent in batches over the course of a few weeks. All replies will come back to a special e-mail address that we set-up specifically for your company. We do this so that you do not need to deal with any 'out of office' messages. We filter the genuine enquiry e-mails and forward these on to you so that you can focus on the important messages.

Your e-mail is sent to our list of over 70,000 UK businesses which we update on a regular basis to ensure that the businesses are active. We also add new businesses to this list as often as we can.

After receiving the e-mail, people will contact you one of two ways. They will either respond to the e-mail or visit your web site for more information. To help monitor this, we will also provide you with Google Analytics data so that you can tell exactly how many people have visited your web site straight from the marketing e-mail.


  • E-mail over 70,000 UK businesses
  • E-mail addresses of, and members
  • Steady e-mail delivery over 3-4 weeks so you receive a steady influx of enquiries
  • Cost effective
  • E-mails sent at a time of the day that increases the chances of it being read


Package 1 - the full list

We send your marketing e-mail to our full list of UK businesses, currently 70,000+ businesses, over four weeks - £249


Package 2 - pay as you go

We send your marketing e-mail to thousands of businesses each week and continue to do so until you ask us to stop - £75 set up and £50 per month


Package 3 - targeted businesses / locations

We can search specificially for contacts based on what your business does and who you would like to sell to. For example, if you would like to only market to businesses in Kent, plumbers across the UK or hairdressers in Sussex, we can provide a list of businesses and send your marketing e-mail to them. Whatever your area of business or search requirements, we can help. For more details about this and a price, please talk to us.